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Our services

Whatever the desired outcome or industrial sector, Alternor can provide innovative and creative solutions on many questions related to materials where plasma treatment can bring value.

Based on the analysis of the client's needs and goals, our experts propose the most appropriate, personalized solutions and framework to best suit the client's expectations.

Technology deployment projects (special machines)

Technology deployment projects are global in scope: starting from the definition of the client's needs and constraints, Alternor provides expertise from initial technological choices to the start of production on the installed plasma equipment.

For more detail on technology deployment projects, please see our downloadable presentation on this page.

On Demand expertise & consulting services

Alternor can provide flexible and expert resources to address specific needs or questions in relation with high performance plasma surface treatment.

Plasma process development & contract services

As an alternative to implementing existing plasma processes, Alternor can provide extensive support for the development of new plasma solutions.