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La Nouvelle République > Economy

Alternor: Innovation at the industry's service

Published on 18 april 2013

Meeting between the young entrepreneurs from Alternor, the President of the Centre Region and the Mayor of Blois

In Blois, Alternor, a company that specializes in advising companies on plasma surface treatment, received the visit of the President of Region.

[The company] has been granted support from the Region. A good reason for the President François Bonneau to meet with the young entrepreneurs who have benefited from the "CAP Creation" subsidy scheme.

Source: La Nouvelle République [in French]

Plus FM > Economy

A boost for those companies that innovate

Published on 16 april 2013

Visit of Alternor with M. François Bonneau, President of the Regional Council of the Centre Region, and M. Marc Gricourt, Mayor of Blois

François Bonneau came in Blois Tuesday afternoon on the theme of regional support to the local economy. The President of the Centre Region visited Alternor, a company that specializes in plasma surface treatment techniques for the industry.

François Bonneau came in Loir-et-Cher to promote the large collection of support schemes that the Regional Council set in place for the economy and for innovative firms. The President justifies: "We are the 6th industrial region of France, with an important network of SMEs that need to be accompanied on technology so they can design tomorrow's products". Hence his visit at Alternor Tuesday afternoon.

Created in 2011 by three young engineers, this engineering firm provides technological expertise and guidance on system design to SMEs.


Nicolas Terrien

Photograph: (on the left) Dr. Mathieu Diers, Dr. Vandad Rohani, Mr. Antoine Couderioux ; (in the middle) Mr. François Bonneau, Président of the Centre Region ; (on the right) Mr. Marc Gricourt, Mayor of Blois.

Source: Plus FM [in French]

CCI Economie n° 23 > Industry & Services

Alternor's founders awarded REVL sponsorship

Published in march 2012

In Blois, Mathieu Diers and Antoine Couderioux-Escoffre obtained an interest-free loan from Réseau Entreprendre Val de Loire [NdT: Réseau Entreprendre is a well-established association for entrepreneurship support in France]. They are specialists on a state-of-the-art technology: industrial plasma surface treatment.

[...][Mathieu Diers explains:] "It is a clean, high economic and environmental value-added technology. [...] Blue chip metal-working companies started to exploit the technology ten years ago."


With an extensive technological network, Alternor has a strong potential to provide companies with guidance and resources in their development.[...]

Sandra Le Bricquir

Source: CCI économie n°22 [in French]

Proforum (Blog of the Centre Region’s Chamber of Commerce) > Portrait

Antoine Couderioux, Mathieu Diers, managing directors of ALTERNOR

Published in february 2012

[...] The technology's performance on both economic and environmental levels is very high, as it reduces the need for expensive chemical inputs that must be reprocessed.

[...] Our activity not only consists in designing solutions, but also in providing support from A to Z throughout all steps necessary for implementing plasma technology.

[...] While the technology has been largely in use in large companies, it remains relatively unknown to smaller companies.

Vincent Devore
Source [in French]: http://nouveauxentrepreneurs41.proforum.fr/

L'Epicentre > Entrepreneurship

Interview with Alternor’s cofounders Mr. Couderioux, Mr. Diers and Mr. Rohani

Published in february 2012

Alternor : "We are completely independent in our advising activities. We have no particular interests whatsoever in any patents or intellectual property. We speak the language of our interlocutors. Dealing with heavy investment indeed, industrialists need to make informed, objective decisions."

Emilie Rencien
Source [in French]www.lepicentre.fr

La Nouvelle République > Entrepreneurship

Alternor want to spread plasma technology

Pubished in janvier 2012

A newly-created Blois-based company, that has support from Entreprendre Val-de-Loire, proposes innovative and high-performance industrial surface treatment processes.

Jean-Louis Boissonneau
Source La Nouvelle République [in French] :

La Nouvelle République > Economy

Alternor, specialist in industrial plasmas

Published on 14 avril 2011

The young business managers won the 2011 edition of the ARITT-organized competition for innovative business creation.

Annette Fluneau