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Plasma treatment industrial applications

Plasma treatment systems offer high quality, clean and cost-effective industrial solutions for the production of functional surfaces in various industries.

Plasma surface treatment solutions exist for cleaning and activation, etching, chemical functionalization and coating of any materials: metals, plastics, rubber, composites, glass, textiles, among others.

Our expertise covers the whole array of solutions and opportunities that plasma surface treatment can offer.

Plasma treatment in the AUTOMOTIVE industry

plasma treatment and plasma processes in the automotive industry

Mechanical parts

plasma treatments for mechanics
  • Improved service life
  • Improved surface properties

Plasma treatments allow for fine-tuned surface properties, (e.g.: hardness, friction factor…) and surface protection against wear, corrosion, temperatures, etc.

Machining tools

plasma treatment of machining tools
  • Improved service life
  • Reduced need for retouching work

Enhancing tools with carefully chosen plasma treatments allows for significant cost reduction while improving the quality of the fished parts.

Highly innovative plasma applications

plasma treatment innovation for automotive

    Self lubricating motor parts, high-end coatings on plastic parts and composites...

    Plasma treatment processes open-up new areas of innovation as new materials allow for the elaboration of lighter, more eco-friendly vehicles.

Plasma treatment in the AERONAUTICS industry

plasma for aeronautics

Machining / precision machining

plasma treatments for mechanics, treatment of machining tools
  • machining of hard materials
  • machining of complex materials
  • reduced need for retouching work

Industrial plasma treatments offer a great potential in terms of productivity gains and parts quality. Plasma surface treatments are used for the machining of even the hardest and most complex materials.

Enhanced materials properties

high quality plasma surface treatment of airplane parts
  • improved service life of airplane parts
  • improved quality of airplane parts
  • fine-tuned, complex surface qualities

Plasma surface treatment allows for state-of-the-art surface treatment quality, enhancing properties of even the most complex surfaces, whether composites, polymers, glass, metals, etc.

Highly innovative plasma applications

high-end plasma innovation for airplanes
  • weight reduction of airplanes
  • As weight reduction of airplanes represents a major stake in the highly competitive air transportation industry, the use of new materials combined with adequate surface treatment opens-up a whole new array of innovation opportunities for progress in this area.

Plasma treatment in the AEROSPACE industry

plasma for aerospace

Innovative materials

plasma surface treatment for rubber, plastics, elastomeres
  • Protective layers for composites
  • High quality elastomeric sealants
  • Pre-treatment prior to bonding

Plasma treatment allows for significant advances in the elaboration of new light-weighting materials designed to withstand the extreme conditions of space like temperature changes, vibration, electromagnetic interference, etc.

Plasma treatment in the MEDICAL industry

plasma for medical sector, equipement and prosthesis

Plasma treatment allows for the elaboration of the most durable and reliable materials that comply with the medical sector's requirements, with for example:

- protective coatings of the highest quality against wear, corrosion, temperatures for use in medical devices,

- highly durable and reliable advanced coatings for medical prosthesis.

Medical equipment and devices

plasma treatment of medical devices parts
  • Proper sterilisation of minor medical equipment
  • Durable protective layers for medical equipment

Medical prosthesis

innovative high quality plasma treatment for medical prosthesis
  • Durable, wear-resistant protective layer
  • Enhanced prosthesis biocompatibility
  • Reduction of friction factor


high quality plasma surface treatment solutions for high horlogerie and joaillerie

Especially adapted to meet the most demanding production standards, plasma surface surface treatment offers innovative, clean and durable solutions to achieve the highest surface quality, whatever the material considered.


highly durable plasma deposited layers
  • Durable, fine quality decorative coatings
  • Protective layers for any surface types

Plasma treatment processes allow for fine-control over surface properties, strictly homogenous surface state, and impeccable aesthetic and optical properties, guaranteeing the highest level of product quality.

Plasma treatment in the RENEWABLE ENERGY industry

plasma treatment for renewable energy solar and wind power

Wind power

surface treatment of wind turbines
  • Improved resistance to harsh environments
  • Increased wind turbines' energy yield
  • Precision machining of technical parts

Wind power represents an important stake in the energy transition. Plasma treatment allows for the production of high quality, durable and light-weighted equipments. In addition, innovative plasma solutions exist for reducing friction in turbine parts, thus allowing for maximized wind energy yield.

Solar energy

plasma assisted surface treatement of thermal and photovoltaic devices
  • Increased solar-electric conversion effectiveness
  • Increased solar reflector's yield
  • Durable surface protection

Whether for photovoltaic or thermal solar, plasma treatment offers innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to achieve the highest standards in terms of solar energy conversion yields, and protection against wear, fluctuating whether conditions and adverse environment.

Plasma treatment in the PACKAGING industry

plasma deposited innovative barrier layers for high-end packaging

Perfumes, processed food and other perishable goods deteriorate over time as oxygen, bacteria, and other external substances penetrate their protective containers.

Plasma deposited barrier layers exist to better insulate the contents of a properly treated container from the exterior environment, which makes it possible to significantly increase use-by-dates of perishable goods.


barrier layers for cosmetics
  • Protection against bacterial infiltration
  • Protection against dioxygen infiltration
  • Durable, high quality decorative coatings

Food and beverage

barrier layers for food containers
  • Extended use-by-dates

Plasma treatment in the MANUFACTURED GOODS industry

plasma applications for innovation in consumers goods

Plasma surface treatment offers a great potential for innovation and quality leaps in the consumer goods industry. Below are listed only a few examples of applications that can be found today on the market.

Textile and clothing industry

plasma treatment of textile
  • Waterproofing plasma treatment
  • Treatment to minimize heat absorption
  • Self-cleaning surfaces

Lens materials and optical glass

optical quality
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Scratch-resistant layers
  • Self-shading glasses

Appliance, furniture and other consumer goods

plasma treatment for many applications
  • High quality adhesive bonding
  • Fine cleaning and surface fonctionalization
  • Improved durability of powder coatings